• About Barbara Donovan

    I am a potter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I make colorful functional porcelain pottery inspired by wild things and quirky pets. Originally from northeast Ohio, I now live in the deep south with my dear husband, a sweet kitty, and two much loved bad dogs. Always drawn to animals, I wanted to be a veterinarian as a child, but my squeamish nature deterred that calling. I was a crafty kid who hooked rugs and embroidered but never considered an art career until discovering clay in my second year of college. My BFA is from Louisiana State University (1986), and MFA from Wichita State University (1989). Somehow after college without really meaning to we ended up in Baton Rouge again, and I’ve been making animal pots of some sort or another here ever since.

    I currently love working with midrange white stoneware or domestic porcelain electric kiln fired to cone 6. The pots are wheel thrown, altered, and carved to accentuate animal imagery. Colorful commercial underglazes are applied at the leather hard stage. With the exception of the occasional Virgin Mary theme inspired by a Catholic upbringing, most of my imagery has revolved around animals since early in my undergraduate days. Over time the animals have slowly transformed from graceful and stoic expressionless creatures to the nervous, puzzled, snarky, sometimes straight up cute characters that liven my pots today. Function has always been an important consideration in the work, and I strive to create comfortable, joyful pots for everyday use.